Pat's Place A miscellany of stuff from over the years
Welcome to my web site. I am using this site as a launching point for all my content. Some of the content of the previous site has been bundled into micro-sites accessible from the list to the right but I have decided to omit a lot of the information I used to show. I’m not sure how these pages will develop in future but if there was something here previously that you can no longer find please feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch.

I used to have separate site for my photographs, Kelpie Photos, but I have recently closed this down. Instead I have a gallery of some of my favourite shots. You can find the link to this at the right too.

Genealogy is another of my hobbies and a site documenting my research of the O'Halloran, Howitt, Denman, Harris, Lovely and Rear families (and others) is to be found using the link in the box to the right.

You will also find a link to my occasional blog called Tangential Ramblings, please feel free to have a wander.

If you have previously linked to my site please accept my apologies for any broken links.

As always I will be happy to hear any comments you may wish to make.

I’ve recently started an account on Mastodon


P. S.
If you want a good, quality web host here is my affiliate link for QiQ. I've used them for years and find them helpful and reliable.

Page updated on 13 January 2023